Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Toys?

So my Samsung-3600 Blu-Ray Player would only play like out 1 of 4 Blu-Rays
So I took it back and got a PS3 baby!

Jack Stanley Johnston

Thought this was a great pic of the Johnstons on the day of Jack's blessing.
Welcome to Earth Jack!

Best Food On Earth

I've gone to Rudy's BBQ 3 time in the last 3 months
Once with Jeff and Carly, a must with a visit to TX
Once with Jarad on his dime (happy birthday me)because the girls were tired (say what!)
And once with Amanda an Jeff's dime for my birthday (happy birthday me again).

Anyone who comes to visit us (out of state) gets a free meal at Rudy's
(because of loop holes in contest rules looked for by a certain brother in law, who found myself and him a loop out of buying appetizers at our last family reunion, cause we lost at bowling on the Wii , the term "out of state" was used)
(Starts with a Br and ends with a ian, not to say any names)
(And flying out of state and then back into state dosen't count either)
(Though we do have to make a trip up there with you guys)
( Call us and we'll go )

Jarad and Jen and Ellyn

Out spending the monet in paris. LOL


When Jarad and Jen came out we went to Ripley's "believe it or not"
It was kind of grusome but enjoyable. We really like the maze of mirriors and the lazer race!

Even Babies know where the action is at. It's a phenomenon that is underestimated and misunderstood; the reason for the attraction of babies to expensive electronics. So I've started this web site to supply the world with decoy mice and keyboards to pacify the self proclaimed over privileged child to obtain less dramatic functions. Check it out! My new addition will be the cell phone and bullet prove TV screen =] coming Nov. 2009

Word Ellyn

Alien or Ellyan

Ellyn Rock came to visit us for a week in July and for my birthday!
(the airport said she had to bring her parents so Jarad and Jen came too )
Someone likes the water! Rock On!

100 Oz. To Freedom

My old mug was good but my new mug is better.

Jarad and Jen gave me the Kick Start 100oz
for my birthday. Thanks guys!

Who got a Blu-Ray Player for Thier Birthday!

This is my new favorite picture of me! Answers the question of how I'm doin =]

Happy 27th Birthday Old Man

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So these were the fireworks just outside our window, they lasted for about an hour, and got a lot cooler after we stopped recording (or course)!